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Premium Ground Coffee at Unbeatable Pricing

packed in zip-lock bags of 500gm

Forza No1 - Ground
Taste: Fruity & bitter with floral notes
Aroma: Deep & amplified with fruity notes
Coffee Origin: South, Central America & Africa
Intensity: 5/5

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Coffee beans of the highest quality. A coffee blend made with passion and obsession for the creation of the ultimate coffee sensation. A coffee beans blend exclusively designed to meet the demands of the absolute coffee connoisseur. The result of decades of experience in coffee blending and roasting. A smooth fruity-floral & bitter taste, accompanied by deep and amplified coffee aroma. A unique coffee bean blend – result of a carefully selected variety of 100% Arabica coffee beans, roasted to perfection. A medium to dark roast espresso blend that can only be compared with the best global coffee bean brands of the world.
Forza No2 - Ground
Taste: Fruity, sweet & smooth
Aroma: Deep and Amplified softened by chocolate notes
Coffee Origin: South, Central America & Africa
Intensity: 4/5

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A well balanced coffee bean blend of high quality. Long lasting flavour, intense aroma & velvety crema. An espresso blend that is designed for the coffee drinker who prefers a less intense approach to coffee, but still seeks perfection in coffee taste. A slow, medium-dark roast, Italian style & velvety coffee bean blend. A coffee bean blend that often makes imported Italian coffee drinkers wonder why it took them so long to discover it. A very popular coffee bean blend amongst female coffee drinkers as well as people with sensitivity towards products containing caffeine!
Forza No3 - Ground
Taste: Powerful but still round & smooth
Aroma: Full bodied & intense
Coffee Origin: Latin America & Africa
Intensity: 5/5

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A selection of medium roasted South American coffee beans mixed with dark roasted African coffee beans. A coffee bean blend of superb quality, designed to offer an underlined but absolutely enjoyable coffee taste, accompanied by rich golden dark crema and intense aroma. On over all a smooth & tamed African coffee sensation. This coffee bean blend will take you places since it is an espresso blend, designed for the true coffee drinker who likes balanced coffees but also…a bit of a kick in his cup. Extremely popular amongst restauranteers & coffee shops in South Africa!

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Most people think they know just how to brew a great cup of coffee, often overlooking vital & basic elements of the process – elements that can drastically alter the taste of the coffee preventing some of the best flavours from ever being enjoyed. So, before you get busy making your next cup of coffee, consider the following:

1. Is your coffee fresh?
Is there anything worse than a stale cup of coffee? If you store a bag of ground coffee for too long, the gases responsible for the best flavour in coffee will eventually escape giving you a tasteless and sometimes bitter cup of coffee.

2. Is your coffee of quality?
As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to coffee – very often – cheap really means cheap coffee. While a very well priced bag of coffee appears to be attractive to your wallet, this doesn’t mean your taste buds will agree.

3. Are you measuring the correct amount of coffee?
If you want to end up making a truly decent cup of coffee, take the time to measure out the proper amount of coffee for the amount of water you are using.

4. Are you choosing a decent brewing method?
Different brewing methods create different cups of coffee. While a practical & easy way to get a cup of coffee might appear to be the solution, it isn’t necessarily the best way. Experiment with different methods (plunger, French press, etc) and discover the brewing method that pleases you the most.

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5. Is your equipment up to the task?
Sometimes, your coffee equipment just isn’t up to the task anymore no matter how much you might be attached to it. Machines do not last for ever. Especially if you have noticed a drop in coffee quality while nothing is changed as far as the coffee you use, it might just be time for you to consider replacing your coffee brewing equipment.

6. Are you using fridge shocked coffee?
Many people believe that placing the bag of coffee in the fridge is one of the best ways to preserve the freshness. This is DEFINITELY not the case! The freezing process actually dramatically affects the coffee of some of its gases that assist in giving the taste of coffee when brewed. Once the bag of coffee is opened, roll the top part and keep it rolled using a simple peg – while placing the bag of coffee in a cool (away from the sun) & dry place.

7. If your coffee sitting for too long?
The longer a jug or cup of freshly brewed coffee sits, the cooler it gets causing it to become bitter to drink. When you make a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy it right away and while it is still hot.

8. Are you using the wrong type of cup?
All though it might sound stretched, keep in mind that what you put your coffee in can truly impact the taste. Do not even think of using any other mediums rather than glass or porcelain.

9. What other ingredients are you putting in your cup of coffee?
Are you adding a bit of cream, sugar, or maybe both to your coffee? If you do, make sure you choose products of quality because they do affect the end result dramatically as well.

10. Is the quality of your water decent?
Tap water is commonly used when brewing coffee, water that is always treated with chemicals. Have you ever tried to brew coffee using purified or filtered water? You should in order to discover yet another element that could elevate your cup of coffee to a different level all together!

11. Do you thoroughly rinse your filter once the brewing process is finished?
Make sure that after every coffee brewing session, you properly clean your filter, rinsing with plenty water & removing any coffee leftovers from it before you end up using it again.

12. Do you clean your coffee maker?
All though keeping your coffee maker clean is not as important as keeping your coffee maker’s filter clean, it is strongly advisable to maintain a clean coffee making machine at all times. A clean coffee making machine will function better, something that always contributes in end up making a good cup of coffee.